v42bis wrote:
> Thank for the reply, Mike.

No problem.

> The iscsi connections failed about 1m13s after my iscsi target went
> down (timestamps that follow are synced from same ntp master, however
> clock skew may account for a few seconds difference [1m45sec seems
> very conspicuous - a multiplier of default 15sec timers?]). The target
> went down at Aug 19 13:33:33.

Actually this looks like a different problem. What version of open-iscsi 
are you using? Do a "iscsiadm -P 3". The top part should dump the 
iscsiadm version.

> Aug 19 13:36:42 ak1-vz2 kernel: iscsi: scsi conn_destroy(): host_busy
> 0 host_failed 0

This means that userspace decided to kill the iscsi session/connection 
which means that we ignore the recovery/replacement timeout and just 
kill everything which forces IO errors. We only did this for fatal 
errors, but we should not do that anymore.

> The above did not affect normal operation of my open-iscsi initiators.

That is weirder. In this setup do you have multiple 
sessions/connections? When you checked the machine were all the 
session/connections running? There should have been two sessions that 
were destroyed.

In older open-iscsi userspace tools there were certain errors the target 
could send us and iscsid would consider it a fatal error and it would 
kill the sessions like above. For example if a target was shutting down 
it could tell us that it was not coming back, so we would kill the 
session. There was also a case where iscsid got confused and thought it 
was a fatal error and would kill the session. We now just retry forever 
or until the user kills the session manually to avoid problems like this.

Please tell me you were using a older version than open-iscsi-2.0-869.2 
:) If you were using open-iscsi-2.0-869.2 then we have a different 
problem :(

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