Klemens Kittan wrote:
> Am Tuesday, 19. August 2008 19:15 schrieb Mike Christie:
>> Klemens Kittan wrote:
>>> Am Monday, 18. August 2008 20:10 schrieb Mike Christie:
>>>> Klemens Kittan wrote:
>>>>> Am Friday, 15. August 2008 20:03 schrieb Mike Christie:
>>>>>> Mike Christie wrote:
>>>>>>> Klemens Kittan wrote:
>>>>>>>> Here is the configuration of my debian kernel (2.6.25-2).
>>>>>>> Thanks. It looks like your target is responding to other IO, but did
>>>>>>> not respond to the ping quick enough so it timed out. Let me make a
>>>>>>> patch for you to test. I should hopefully have it later today.
>>>>>> Try the attached patch over  open-iscsi-2.0-869.2 tarball modules.
>>>>>> To apply the patch untar and unzip the source then cd to the dir. Then
>>>>>> do:
>>>>>> patch -p1 -i where-the-patch-is-saved/relax-ping-timer.patch
>>>>>> Then do the normal make and make install. You will probably want to
>>>>>> reboot the box to make sure you are using the new modules.
>>>>> Unfortunately I got the same errors.
>>>> Could you send the log output?
>>> Here is the /var/log/syslog.
>> Shoot. For some reason that nop is just not finishing in a decent amount
>> of time. Could you try the attached patch. It gives the nop even more
>> time to complete and it spits out a bunch of debug info to make sure
>> open-iscsi did not leak the task.
> Unfortunately, the attached file is empty.

Oh yeah, if you just log into the target and do not do any IO to the 
disks. Do you see any messages like this:

Aug 14 09:52:23 baltrum kernel: [81064.665749]  connection2:0: ping 
timeout of
10 secs expired, last rx 4315069195, last ping 4315067926, now 4315070426
Aug 14 09:52:23 baltrum kernel: [81064.669756]  connection2:0: detected 
error (1011)

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