Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for your help
It is working with version 2.0-870. I have some small queries,

1) whether open-iscsi version 2.0-870 is usable and well tested? ( i
know its development version but still thought of asking it to you)

2) As you told i did "whereis iscsiadm" before doing make && make
install of 2.0-870, it was present in /sbin/ and i just removed it and
reinstalled new version. Is this sufficient or do i need to remove any
other files at other locations. Also, are u planning to provide make
uninstall which will remove required files of older version

3)While starting open-iscsi service it sets up all targets by login to
all available targets, while if there are no targets available it says
"No records found!". where does it actually search for these targets?
In my case i installed this version on 2 machines on first i did
discovery and thenit logged in on all available targets when i do
service open-iscsi start.
while on sencond one it just said "No records found!".

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