shreyas wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thanks a lot for your help
> It is working with version 2.0-870. I have some small queries,
> 1) whether open-iscsi version 2.0-870 is usable and well tested? ( i
> know its development version but still thought of asking it to you)

I was actually going to switch it to the semi-stable version next week. 
I am waiting to try and figure out what is going with the nops in some 
other thread (the nops problem is in semi-stable release: 
open-iscsi-2.0-869.2.tar.gz too).

> 2) As you told i did "whereis iscsiadm" before doing make && make
> install of 2.0-870, it was present in /sbin/ and i just removed it and

Do a

whereis iscsid


> reinstalled new version. Is this sufficient or do i need to remove any
> other files at other locations. Also, are u planning to provide make
> uninstall which will remove required files of older version
> automatically?

Yes, one day. I have not had time. There is one problem with detecting 
our older versions some distro version though.

> 3)While starting open-iscsi service it sets up all targets by login to
> all available targets, while if there are no targets available it says
> "No records found!". where does it actually search for these targets?
> In my case i installed this version on 2 machines on first i did
> discovery and thenit logged in on all available targets when i do
> service open-iscsi start.
> while on sencond one it just said "No records found!".

When you do discovery it stores the targets and portals found in 
/etc/iscsi/nodes. When you do "iscsiadm -m node" it prints those out 
what is in /etc/iscsi/nodes.

> > 

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