Benny Halevy wrote:
> gcc 4.3.0 prints this warning:
> drivers/scsi/scsi_transport_iscsi.c: In function ‘iscsi_add_session’:
> drivers/scsi/scsi_transport_iscsi.c:703: warning:\
>  ‘err’ may be used uninitialized in this function
> I'm not sure how exactly this can happen with
> ISCSI_MAX_TARGET currently defined as -1.
> But if ISCSI_MAX_TARGET would be defined as 0 and the function would
> be called with target_id==0 we end up going to release_host without
> setting err.
> This patch sets err to -ENOENT for this path.

Thanks Benny. I agree it does not look like gcc is right here. Let's 
hold off on merging it for now. If it becomes a annoyance then I will 
send it for the next feature window. Is that ok?

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