Once a volume is discovered it's stored in the NVRAM of the Qlogic card.
Under Configuration->Storage Adapters->vmhbaX->Properties->Static Mappings
You'll find that volume and can remove it from the card. 

 I suspect that's a volume you deleted? 



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I am getting this event on my SAN every minute, its obviously a
mistaken assignment somewhere but i can't seem to find it on any of
the blades or VM servers. I would just like a method to stop the
events somehow. any comments????

 ERROR  8/22/08  3:46:57 PM  USEVTSANC02  iSCSI login to target
', iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-
dcd284101-0060000045a474d6-test-vc-dat' from initiator
', iqn.2000-04.com.qlogic:qmc4052.zk125b63t094.2'
failed for the following reason:   Initiator is not authorized for
this target.

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