Nandkumar wrote:
> Here is what initiator and taget passes to each other while iscsi
negotiation phase. Assuming CHAP is only enabled on initiator and not on
> 1) Initiator pass "CHAP,NONE" as Authentication parameter.
> 2) Target replies with "NONE".
> 3) Both will settle on "NONE" as Authentication parameter.

The negotiation is succeding with None as the parameter because of the
following text from the rfc.

"The target MUST reply with the first option in the list it
       supports and is allowed to use for the specific initiator unless
       it does not support any, in which case it MUST answer with
       "Reject" (see Section 5.2 Text Mode Negotiation)."
So, since there is no reject from the Target which supports None as the
authentication parameter the login will succeed. 
Shyam Iyer

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