Chuanwen Wu schrieb:
> Hi, Tomasz
> Thanks for your advice!
>> Yes. Do not use non-distributed filesystems, like ext3, in a distributed
>> way (accessed by multiple machines, concurrently - precisely what you
>> are doing) - this will result in filesystem corruption, data loss etc.
> In fact, I already fixed the "parallel access" problem: at a exactly
> time, only one machine can write(create or write operation) to the
> device(ext3 filesystem).
> Now,  I think the problem is when machine A have create the file, how
> to let other machine detect the file?

Did you read my previous answer? ext3 is not a distributed filesystem, 
so it will not work that way.
If you really want to shoot yourself in a foot, read about Linux caching 
and how to drop these caches.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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