Thank you all very much!

The suggested combinations of network configuration & iSCSI settings
seem to have solved the problem, even though initially the speed
fluctuated very heavily (no idea why ;)). I've run 3 consecutive full
Bonnie++ tests now and tried different combinations, and these are the
best results I could get so far:

Version 1.93c       ------Sequential Output------ --Sequential Input-
Concurrency   1     -Per Chr- --Block-- -Rewrite- -Per Chr- --Block--
Machine        Size K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec
%CP  /sec %CP
abcdefghijklmn  16G   423  99 105115  22 35580  18   756  99 113453
31 367.5   7
Latency             20001us     500ms     520ms   20001us     110ms
Version 1.93c       ------Sequential Create------ --------Random
abcdefghijklmn      -Create-- --Read--- -Delete-- -Create-- --Read--- -
              files  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec
%CP  /sec %CP
                 16  4106  29 +++++ +++  3244  10   888  95 +++++ +++
2829  12

The system load now sticks at 1.00 (1 CPU/core used at 100%) as well.

Hopefully this discussion/thread will help others in the future!
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