Doron Shoham wrote:
> Hi,
> Why does the init script on suse re-discovers all iscsi targets which were set
> to automatic login?
> To avoid deadlocks on the root fs there is patch which limits the number of 
> retries on first login.
> When doing so, it sets back all the default parameters (overriding any user 
> definitions).
> I think it should be like in redhat - just login to all the targets which are 
> automatic.
> Another issue is that the script logouts only from automatic nodes (not from 
> all nodes as in redhat).
> This causes a bug, when iscsi is stopped while manual node is still logged-in 
> (session is active).
> The result is that iscsid is down but session is still alive - iscsiadm -m 
> session shows this stale session.
> I suggest that we do the same as redhat, any objections?
> Also, what is the purpose of "node.startup" parameter?
> When is it in use?
> Thanks,
> Doron


Does my suggestion sounds ok?


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