Doron Shoham wrote:
> Hi,
> Why does the init script on suse re-discovers all iscsi targets which were set
> to automatic login?
> To avoid deadlocks on the root fs there is patch which limits the number of 
> retries on first login.
> When doing so, it sets back all the default parameters (overriding any user 
> definitions).
> I think it should be like in redhat - just login to all the targets which are 
> automatic.
> Another issue is that the script logouts only from automatic nodes (not from 
> all nodes as in redhat).
> This causes a bug, when iscsi is stopped while manual node is still logged-in 
> (session is active).
> The result is that iscsid is down but session is still alive - iscsiadm -m 
> session shows this stale session.
> I suggest that we do the same as redhat, any objections?
> Also, what is the purpose of "node.startup" parameter?
> When is it in use?

node.startup should be renamed record.startup. The possible values are 
automatic, manual and onboot. When the init scripts start they can run 
over the the db and check which records that the users has requested 
autoatmic startup for and login at that time.

onboot is used to for the session used for boot/root. It just signals 
the tools to handle it differently. During shutdown for example we 
cannot kill that session when the init script stop is done, because it 
is still needed for root.

manual is used because a lot of targets will return all the portals on 
the target. Some of these portals may be disabled or not even connected 
to the network. Instead of iscsiadm/iscsid wasting time trying to log in 
admins can mark them as manual and the init scripts will not auto start 
them. Why not just delete them of they cannot be used? I do not know.

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