I'm trying to use open-iscsi to connect to an iSCSI-based tape
library.  The library has two drives, so there are three IDs.
Unfortunately, the library is picky about having the same SCSI IDs as
are configured directly on the library, which means on the iSCSI
client end I need to make sure that the devices show up with those
same IDs.  This presents two problems:
1) Each of the devices is presented as a separate iSCSI target.  This
means that when open-iscsi connects to these three targets, they each
get put on a different SCSI bus.  Any way to force all three targets
onto the same bus?
2) open-iscsi starts ID numbering at 0.  Is there any way to configure
an iSCSI target to show up at a certain ID?  So, my tape library is
SCSI ID 8, my first drive is 9, and my second drive is 10.  Is there
any way to configure these targets to show up at IDs 8, 9, and 10?

Thanks - Nick
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