On Sep 27, 9:26 am, iscsiFans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,all,
>    I have install Opensuse 10sp3 (x86_64)+ Open-iscsi 2.865(iscsid) +
> Multipath-tools-0.4.7-80, Config and login is ok but I find /var/log/
> messages have many conne error, so multipath is change-link many
> times, sometime when conn error, the server is hang, such as:
> iscsid v2.0.866
>    Sep 26 11:49:34 linux-j2cx iscsid: can not send nopin response

>      I try to change the noop_timeout parameter, But it's no use:

I do not think changing that value will help in this case, because
above the target is sending us a nop and we are trying to respond to
it. For some reason we are failing on sending a response the targets

What target are you using btw?

If you could run iscsid by hand with debugging by doing

# iscsid -d 8 -f &

we can see why it is failing. You might need to stop the iscsi
service, then run

# iscsiad -d 8 -f &
# iscsiadm -m node -L automatic

or instead of the last command you can log into a specific target by

iscsiadm -m node -T target -p ip -l

Send all the out put from the iscsid.

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