Hi Anil

Thanks for your answer. I am using debian etch, but with kernelsource
from ubuntu(That is because I had problems compiling bnx2i against a
newer open-iscsi because bnx2i would compile againt my kernel
headers(2.6.18 from debian etch which has broken iscsi) which is the
wrong headers because it is from an old version)

The version is

Do I need newer iscsi kernel modules than what provides for
using bnx2i ? And if I need that

How can I get the bnx2i driver to compile againt the headers etc. from
openiscsi instead of the kernelsource?

I should metion that I get the:
iscsid: Could not fund uspace transport for bcm570x-040000 when I do
iscsiadm --mode node --targetname <target> --portal <portal ip> --

and along with that iscsiadm says:
iscsiadm: initiator reported error (12 - iSCSI driver not found.
Please make sure it is loaded, and retry the operation)

This makes me believe that maybe my kernel modules(from the
kernel) is missing some features?

Best Regards

On Sep 29, 5:32 pm, "Anil Veerabhadrappa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hasse,
>    We will look into this and get back with a definitive answer soon.
> Can you exactly tell me what Ubuntu release distribution you are using?
> - Anil Veerabhadrappa
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> Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 2:03 AM
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> Subject: Debian etch, bnx2i. Trouble getting it to work
> Hi
> I am trying to use the bnx2i for connecting to a dell iscsi box.
> What I have done is upgrading the kernel to 2.4.24 ubuntu based
> kernel(ubuntu because they had xen patches)
> I have the driverpackage for bnx2i from dell and then I compiled and
> installed the bnx2(including cnic) and bnx2i from that driverpackage.
> I now modprobe bnx2i without any errors. I then found out that I
> needed some newer userspace utilities for setting the transport.name
> so I got the open-iscsi source from git, and then ran make & make
> install_usr(because if I had installed the kernel modules from the git
> version I would have some problems compiling bnx2i against its header
> files, because it will compile against my kernelsource)
> Now I removed the  bnx2i module from kernel;started bnx2id;modprobe
> bnx2i;started iscsid;
> then I did:
> iscsiadm --mode node --targetname <targetname> --portal <portal ip> --
> op=update --name=node.transport_name --value=bcm570x-040000
> bcm570x-040000 is mapped to the interface where the <portal ip> can be
> reached
> I then get:
> iscsid: Could not fund uspace transport for bcm570x-040000 in
> daemon.log
> I have successfully used some disk from the dell iscsi without bnx2i,
> but I would like to use bnx2i if I can make it work
> Another thing is that eth0 which is bcm570x-040000 is an interface
> with vlan on it - and it is that vlan which has access to the dell
> iscsi
> Best Regards
> Hasse H. Johansen
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