On Sep 30, 8:16 am, Konrad Rzeszutek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 05:50:17PM -0700, Nick wrote:
> > On Sep 29, 3:49 pm, Konrad Rzeszutek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > Here's the output:
> > > > [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# lsscsi
> > > > [20:0:0:0]   tape    SEAGATE  ULTRIUM06242-XXX 1613  /dev/st0
> > > > [21:0:0:0]   mediumx STK      L20              0215  /dev/sch0
> > > > [22:0:0:0]   tape    SEAGATE  ULTRIUM06242-XXX 1613  /dev/st1
> > > > As you can see, it does not maintain devids but each one becomes id
> > > > 0.  As a result, I get the following message when the changer loads:
> > > Yeah, this is the fault of your storage. It converst the SCSI Ids
> > > in each seperate target.
> > I'm not sure what you mean by this being a fault of my storage.  It is
> > normal for libraries and tape drives to have different SCSI IDs.  I'm
> > using SCST for the iSCSI Target Server, and that either allows me to
> > specify all of the SCSI devices under the same target as different
> > LUNs, or specify them under different targets.  SCST does not allow me
> Aha! Do it as different LUNs.
> > to specify the ID the devices are presented as - maybe that's the
> > fault to which you're referring?
> I was thinking that it represented them as different targets - which is
> what you don't want in your case.

It does allow me to present them as different targets, but it also
allows me to present them as different LUNs on the same target.  I'm
not sure why I can't specify different IDs on the same target though -
that seems like a "missing feature" for SCST.  I tried out the
different LUNs method last night and it seems to be somewhat
functional, although using the "mtx unload" command doesn't seem to
trigger an "eject" on the tape drive - I have to run an "mt -f /dev/
st0 eject" and the do the unload.  Maybe this is normal, but it seems
like usually you can just do the unload and that will trigger an eject
on the drive, then move the media.  Anyway, I'll keep playing with

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