> Actually this was bad. If we have to wait for the login_timeout to fire
> then initial_login_retry_max = 4 was a nice round number and the max
> time we had to wait was 1 minute. If I just increase it (tried 45
> stupidly first), it increases the possible max default wait to 11
> minutes :(
> So what I did was make initial_login_retry_max just be the max number of
> initial iscsi login timeouts we can withstand and then let other initial
> login failures retry for up to initial_login_retry_max * login_timeout.

Have you change something in the code?
I can't see any change in the git.
Can you please explain your calculation again?

I wanted to know if we are going to change back the init script.
If the problem is to wait for the spanning tree, does increasing the 
initial_login_retry_max should do the work?

Currently the init script causes other bugs.

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