DrBidwell wrote:
> I am running iscsid version 2.0-730 on debian.  I have the default /
> etc/iscsid.conf (also symbolically linked to /etc/iscsi/scsid.conf).
> iscsid starts fine, but iscsiadm always give the above configuration
> error.
> /etc/initiatorname.iscsi (also symbolically linked to /etc/iscsi/
> initiatorname.iscsi) contains:
> InitiatorName=iqn.1989-09.edu.andrews:01.56e12c552ac3
> InitiatorAlias=webdb.cc.andrews.edu
> An strace makes it look like it hasn't even tried to open any of the
> config files yet.  Any ideas?

You have to start iscsid first.

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