On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 09:43 -0500, Mike Christie wrote:
> Martin wrote:
> > 
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast1
> >     Portal:,1
> >             Iface Name: default
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast2
> >     Portal:,1
> >             Iface Name: default
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast3
> >     Portal:,1
> >             Iface Name: default
> > 
> Ok it looks like we fixed the problem where we got duplicate records and 
> we got a already running error.
> For the pdu timed out problem, I think we need a ethereal/wrireshark 
> trace so we can see why the target is sending us the wrong task tag. Do 
> you know how to run this? In centos5 I believe you have to use ethereal 
> (I do not think we picked up the renamed wireshark). Just run that on 
> the initiator box, when you run the "iscsiadm -m node -l". When that 
> fails with timed out errors, stop ethereal and send the trace.

Greetings Mike and Martin,

I just saw this thread this afternoon and decided to have a closer look
at RFC-3720 wrt your "pdu timed out problem", which has to do with what
fields of Login Response are considered "invalid" when a login fails
(for whatever reason) and a Status-Class of non zero is returned to the
iSCSI Initiator.  From the RFC:

10.13.5.  Status-Class and Status-Detail


   The status classes are as follows:

      0 - Success - indicates that the iSCSI target successfully
          received, understood, and accepted the request.  The numbering
          fields (StatSN, ExpCmdSN, MaxCmdSN) are only valid if
          Status-Class is 0.

I had previously thought that Initiator Task Tag was also part of this
list for *ONLY* being valid when Status-Class is 0 (which is why you are
seeing it set to zero during login response failures), but as it is most
definately *NOT* correct according to RFC-3720, I went ahead and made
LIO-Target properly set Initiator Task Tag in Login Responses with
non-zero Status-Class.

Here is the commit that has been tested with v3.0:


It has also been backed ported to v2.9-STABLE as r402.



Please make sure to include me on the thread if you run into any other
strangeness. :-)

> > 

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