maybe someone here has an idea on this CHAP issue: The HP MPX 100 box
(iSCSI connectivity for HP EVA storage systems) has a user guide that
says Linux iSCSI does not support the CHAP option. I had a look and
the problem seems to be this:
Linux open-iscsi (SLES10 SP2 on x86_64) requires a username and a
password, while the "set chap" in the MPX 100 (latest firmware) only
allows to set up a password (and no username). I tried it, and things
don't work. Without CHAP things work.
Naturally I'm interested in using CHAP. Any ideas, insights, etc.?

P.S: The mpx 100 box actually uses Linux-2.6.17 to provide iSCSI. Thus
I wonder why Linux-to-Linux communication is made that hard...
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