Anthony C wrote:
> Once the hanging occurred, I can leave it for days and it will still
> be hanging.  And I haven't seen above iSCSI States or Lun State change
> meanwhile.
> I thought with dm-multipath, I/O error handling would be limited in
> scsi layer.  And even with these error handling being done, it
> shouldn't get into "infinite hanging"?  Something is not right.

It shouldn't with the timeouts you have set.

What was in /sys/class/scsi_host/host4/host_busy when this happened. 
There was a bug in some upstream rc kernels where this was zero and the 
scsi layer would spin waiting for commands when there were none. Maybe 
SUSE ported that code but did not get the fix.

I am not sure what is in SLES. Are you using the open-iscsi package with 
SLES or a tarball?

Do you have a





Or do you have the SLES kernel source? If so send 
drivers/scsi/libiscsi.c and drivers/scs/iscsi_tcp.c.

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