On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:19:24 +0100, "Bart Van Assche"

> Please have a look at the hierarchy created by udevd in /dev. You can
> find there soft links that have a name that does not change over
> sessions and that point to the devices created by the iSCSI initiator
> (/dev/sdb etc).

Bart, thanks for the tip, but I want to distribute this config via Cfengine
or other configuration management system (I need to replicate in more than
20 servers). So, it will be great to be completely iSCSI name independent.

It will be fine to tune each device configuration when attached to the
system via /sys, udev appears the best way to make this.. but perhaps
there's a "standard" method for this using Open-iSCSI, after logging into a
target with iscsiadm run a command, or something like this..

   ENV{ID_PATH}=="*iscsi*", RUN+="echo noop >

P.S: I don't know if $env{DEVNAME} is the correct var.. but, something like
this! ;)


Santi Saez

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