Santi Saez wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:19:24 +0100, "Bart Van Assche"
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Please have a look at the hierarchy created by udevd in /dev. You can
>> find there soft links that have a name that does not change over
>> sessions and that point to the devices created by the iSCSI initiator
>> (/dev/sdb etc).
> Bart, thanks for the tip, but I want to distribute this config via Cfengine
> or other configuration management system (I need to replicate in more than
> 20 servers). So, it will be great to be completely iSCSI name independent.
> It will be fine to tune each device configuration when attached to the
> system via /sys, udev appears the best way to make this.. but perhaps
> there's a "standard" method for this using Open-iSCSI, after logging into a
> target with iscsiadm run a command, or something like this..
>    ENV{ID_PATH}=="*iscsi*", RUN+="echo noop >
> /sys/$env{DEVNAME}/queue/scheduler" 
> P.S: I don't know if $env{DEVNAME} is the correct var.. but, something like
> this! ;)

If you want to just config every iscsi device, then you could run 
iscsiadm from a udev rule to check if a device is a iscsi device. 
iscsiadm -m session -P 3 will disaplay the /dev/sdX and LUN for the 
devices so if you parsed that and matched it, then you could set the values.

Maybe we should just add a common iscsi udev rule that users can edit. 
If you someone has one that they want included I will add it, or we can 
try to get it included with the udev package.

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