> The open-iscsi fwparam tool does not connect through all the initiators
> in the initiator structure exported by the iBFT.
> I ask this because though the Nic fw can connect twice to the same
> target using both the initiators(Dual port card) but then the OS makes
> only one connection with the last(I hope I got this right) initiator
> with the Firmware boot selected flag set.
> Now, I would think we should have both ports(dual port NIC) with an iqn
> should be able to connect to a target portal and thus have two sessions
> to the same target portal.
> Is there a specific reason for this design or it just needs some coding?

Ok I finally got around to fixing up Konrad's iscsi_sysfs ibft patch and 
merging it and fixing up the related code.

I sort of implemented what you want now. A lot of the pieces are now 
done, and we just have to put the last ones together. In the git tree we 
now log into all the targets that are present (instead of the first one 
with the boot flag set), and you can bind a iface to portals found in 
the firmware. The missing pieces are doing the iface binding automatically:

1. If the initiator name is the same for all ports but the user wants to 
bind a session through the nic that the portal was set up with in the 
firmware, we currently do not support this with the firmware commands. 
This is the normal old style iface binding by hwaddress or netdev name, 
so we can do it.

- if you have port0 with initiator-nameA and the ibft info for that port 
has target-portalZ, and port1 has a different initiator-nameB but its 
ibft info also has target-portalZ, we only log in to the target portal 
once right now.

We probably wanted to at least log into once for each initiator-name 
(initiator-nameA and initiator-nameB). This is the newer initiatorname 
iface binding feature.

I am not sure if this also means that we want to bind the session to a 
specific nic port. This would be iface binding with initiatornames and 
(hwaddress or netdev names), and we support this today too.

So maybe we need one new super flag for the firmware related commands 
that takes in the binding preferences.

iscsistart -b --create-iface-binding=INITIATORNAME | (HWADDRESS | NETDEV)

iscsiadm -m discovery -t fw --create-iface-binding=INITIATORNAME | 

iscsiadm -m fw -l --create-iface-binding=INITIATORNAME | (HWADDRESS | 

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