Simone Morellato wrote:
>> Could you just send the log output? There should be a error about iscsid
>> not getting something it liked in the login response and it giving up or
>> something about a unknown error. It is normally in /var/log/messages. If
>> you can run iscsid by hand with debugging on
>> iscsid -d 4 -f &

After this:

iscsid: re-opening session 2 (reopen_cnt 0)
iscsid: deleting a scheduled/waiting thread!
iscsid: disconnecting conn 0x8d28ab0, fd 6
iscsid: connection 2:0 is stopped for recovery

Is there nothing else?

Could you run iscisd with -d 8 and just send the iscsid.debug again. It 
looks like the state machine is not right.

Does your target use login redirects? If after we logout, then retry the 
login will it redirect us to a new portal?

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