Mike Christie wrote:
> Simone Morellato wrote:
>>> Could you just send the log output? There should be a error about iscsid
>>> not getting something it liked in the login response and it giving up or
>>> something about a unknown error. It is normally in /var/log/messages. If
>>> you can run iscsid by hand with debugging on
>>> iscsid -d 4 -f &
> After this:
> iscsid: re-opening session 2 (reopen_cnt 0)
> iscsid: deleting a scheduled/waiting thread!
> iscsid: disconnecting conn 0x8d28ab0, fd 6
> iscsid: connection 2:0 is stopped for recovery
> Is there nothing else?
> Could you run iscisd with -d 8 and just send the iscsid.debug again. It 
> looks like the state machine is not right.
> Does your target use login redirects? If after we logout, then retry the 
> login will it redirect us to a new portal?

Hmm, wierd, I just tried this with a equalogic box and it worked ok. I 
think we had tested with that box when doing the last releases so that 
is expected.

The only difference may be that

1. We do a login redirect for those boxes so we might not be hitting the 
same code paths.

2. I did not force the asyn logout by deleting a target. In my case, I 
just forced a async logout so the re login retry worked right away. For 
your test case, does iscsid have to continue retrying the 
relogin/reconnect until you add the target back? How long is that?

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