Hi all,

This is the surprising scenario.

I created a VG containing one local and one remote(iSCSI) disk taken
from target.Then I created 2-3 LV's  with file system on it and filled
them all with some data till they become full.Then I removed remote
disk i.e. perform logout operation of iSCSI disk.

So this VG became inconsistent.I can see that using "pvscan" where I
will see "unknown" device in front of this VG Name.

Then I replaced the remote disk with any other disk using "pvcreate"
as follows.

pvcreate --uuid "<UnknownDeviceID>" --restorefile /etc/lvm/backup/
<VGNAME> <New disk>

and to my surprize,I found that I got all my data which is even on the
remote disk.How is this possible?

I am not having any RAID configurations here.I am having whole disk as
a PV,not the partitions and LV's on that Physical volumes are created
in a way that they are having their major parts on remote disk(In my
case,2GB data was there on remote disk).

How full data is derived from the metadata here?
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