[PATCH 0/3 2.6.29] cxgb3i -- open-iscsi initiator acceleration 

From: Karen Xie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi, everyone,

This patchset is for 2.6.29.

It is based on the cxgb3i branch of Mike's linux-2.6-iscsi tree. It needs the
patch Mike sent several days ago on preparing the iscsi core libary for pdu
offload (http://marc.info/?l=linux-scsi&m=122819956917473).

The cxgb3i driver, especially the part handles the offloaded iscsi tcp
connection mangement, has gone through the netdev review (

The cxgb3i driver provides iscsi acceleration (PDU offload and payload data
direct placement) to the open-iscsi initiator. It accesses the hardware through
the cxgb3 module.


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