Hi, Dave & Mike,

I guess I need some clarification on how this driver code could be merged.

The cxgb3i driver addition consists of 2 parts:

1. the new cxgb3i driver. It resides under drivers/scsi, this part has the 
dependency on the open-iscsi core changes I referred in the previous email. I 
was under the impression this goes into scsi-misc?

2. some iscsi related changes in cxgb3 driver (driver/net). This part does not 
have any dependency. Dave, I suppose this part goes into net-next? If so, this 
does not need Mike's patch at all.

Thanks a lot.

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> It is based on the cxgb3i branch of Mike's linux-2.6-iscsi tree. It needs the
> patch Mike sent several days ago on preparing the iscsi core libary for pdu
> offload (http://marc.info/?l=linux-scsi&m=122819956917473).

If this dependency exists I probably can't pull this into the
net-next-2.6 then, just FYI but you probably already understand
this :-)

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