Thanks, my linux is a scratch distro, and I can not install it by
Configuring & Installing , but its kernal is fit, so it is only can be
installed  by moving the files.
Plus , I fixed the problem using  /etc/init.d/functions in the script
I just copied the functions used like deamon to the open-iscsi script from
the /etc/init.d/functions

and it works.

but the new problem is that it tries to load the module 'ib_iser' in the
open-iscsi script , who can tell me what does this module do, and it does
not exist in my linux distro, so I think I can work it though by other
methods. and the first thing I should know is what this moudle is used for,
can any guy help me out of issue?

and it seems a lot of people were stuck by this issue, you can google
'ib_iser open-iscsi', and you can see that.

Thanks .
Vincent Guo

2008/12/5 Santi Saez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> b
> Vincent Guo escribió:
> > I found the code in the script open-iscsi:
> >
> > # Source function library.
> > . /etc/init.d/functions
> >
> > What does these codes do ?
> > What will happen if I delete the code.
> In "functions" file there are general purpose functions for start/stop
> init scripts.. like status(), success(), etc.. it's used in a lot of
> scripts in /etc/init.d/*..
> What are you doing? and what distro are you using? If you want to use
> Open-iSCSI start/stop script I think the best is to *copy* functions
> from another Red Hat based distro, removing this line is not a good idea..
> Regards,
> --
> Santi Saez
> >

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