Vincent Guo wrote:
> cool, thanks.
> Actually, I am not sure whether I need ib_iser, I hope not.

Do you want to do iscsi over infinniband? If so you need it. If you are 
just doing iscsi over normal old TCP/IP then you do not need it.

> As my linux distro is a scratch one. so there is no ib_iser on my linux
> distro, but when I remove this code from the script 'open-iscsi', it
> failed me to login .
> What should I do ?

You got to give me the error. If you are only doing iscsi over tcp/ip 
removing it should not create any failures.

> Thanks.
> Vincent Guo
> 2008/12/9 Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> I just found the code :
>>> modprobe -r ib_iser 2>/dev/null
>>> in the script open-iscsi,
>>> I am very confused with this code,
>>> if I remove this code from the script, it seems OK.
>>> but when I try to login, it fails,
>> It is just trying to load the iser modules. If you are not using iser
>> you can ignore it.
>> Are you trying to use iser? When you try to login what is the error you
>> see? Are you seeing a error about some iser modules not loading. If you
>> are but you are not using iser, you can ignore them.
>>> So what does this code do , and if I really want to remove this code,
>>> what else should I do to replace it?
>>> Thanks.
> > 

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