[PATCH v2 0/2 2.6.29] cxgb3i -- open-iscsi initiator acceleration 

From: Karen Xie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Here is the updated patchset for adding cxgb3i iscsi initiator.

The updated version incorporates the comments from Mike and Boaz:
- remove the cxgb3 sysfs entry for the private iscsi ip address, it can be
  accessed from iscsi.
- in cxgb3i.txt, added error message logged for not setting 
MaxRecvDataSegmentLength properly.
- renamed cxgb3i Makefile to Kbuild
- removed "select ISCSI_TCP" in Kconfig
- consistent handling of AHS: on tx, reserve rooms for AHS; on rx, assume we 
could receive AHS.
- add support of bi-directional commands for ddp setup,

The cxgb3i driver, especially the part handles the offloaded iscsi tcp 
connection mangement, has gone through the netdev review 

The cxgb3i driver provides iscsi acceleration (PDU offload and payload data 
direct placement) to the open-iscsi initiator. It accesses the hardware through 
the cxgb3 module.


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