Scott wrote:

> I have a Dell MD3000i connected to a PowerEdge 2950 server running
out-of-box CentOS 5.2 64-bit, unpatched, on an isolated test LAN.

> I also purchased the snapshot premium feature.

> Using the included Modular Disk Storage Manager, I successfully
activated the premium feature, and manually created two RAID 5 arrays +
1 hot spare.
> By manually, I used MDSM instead of letting the software automatically
allocate all disk space for me.  I deliberately selected manual and
allocated 50 GB minus the 550 GB of each of the two RAID 5s, thus RAID 5
> #1 (call it fs1) = 550 GB - 50 GB for snapshots = 500 GB for RAID 5,
50 GB for snapshots; same for RAID 5 #2 (call it fs2).

> Log back in to the md3000i via iscsiadm, perform an fdisk -l, and see
4 x 500 GB partitions (2 x 500 GB per RAID 5, 2 x 500 GB per snapshot).

> A few questions now -

> - how do I actually create snapshots of fs1 and fs2?   What specific
command do I use, and what specific options do I give it?  No
documentation I have, including the index of CLI commands, gives a good
enough idea/hint of this

> - how do I access/view the location where the snapshots are
stored/created (to retrieve data if needed)

>- under MDSM's disk groups and virtual disks, it shows 500 GB for fs1,
>GB for snapshot, and 50 GB for snapshot-repo.   What/where is the 50
>Fdisk -l doesn't show it.

I guess this has been asked before in the linux-poweredge mailing list

You might also look at documentation here at

Shyam Iyer
Dell Linux Engineering

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