On Dec 10, 2008, at 11:47 AM, Mike Christie wrote:

> For iser questions you should stick something about iser in the  
> subject,
> because I do not think the iser guys read every email on the list. I
> added Eli and Or.

Ah, OK.  Thanks!

> Jesse Butler wrote:
>> Not sure what we changed, but we're having failures logging into our
>> iSER target now with RHEL 5.2 / OFED 1.3 initiator which has been
>> working.
> Is this using the iscsi tools that come with RHEL 5.2 or with OFED  
> 1.3?
> Also does OFED use its own kernel or is this with the RHEL 5.2 kernel?

Same that I've been running all along...  This is RHEL 5.2 w/ OFED 1.3  
built on top of it.  I know it comes bundled, but it did not work.  I  
am using whichever Open iSCSI comes bundled w/ OFED 1.3.   Also, I  
remember I had to update the tcl pkg for some reason?  Other than  
that, stock kernel and libraries.

> Is this related to the other issue you posted about on Monday? I did  
> not
> see a reply. I was asking the same thing about OFED. I forgot to ask
> about the kernel.

No, I don't think related to that.

>> Login session [iiser: iser_connect:connecting to:, port
>> 0xbc0c
>> face: default, target: iqn.1986-iser: iser_cma_handler:event 0 conn
>> ffff81022847ce80 id ffff81023eb82a00
>> 03.com.sun:02:91iser: iser_cma_handler:event 2 conn ffff81022847ce80
>> id ffff81023eb82a00
>> 7071dc-db02-ebf0-9508-d11df2889cda, portal:,3260]
>> iser: iser_create_ib_conn_res:setting conn ffff81022847ce80 cma_id
>> ffff81023eb82a00: fmr_pool ffff81043edf8d40 qp ffff810247154200
>> iser: iser_cma_handler:event 9 conn ffff81022847ce80 id  
>> ffff81023eb82a00
>> iser: iscsi_iser_ep_poll:ib conn ffff81022847ce80 rc = 1
>> iser: iscsi_iser_conn_bind:binding iscsi conn ffff810228385290 to
>> iser_conn ffff81022847ce80
>> iser: iser_cma_handler:event 10 conn ffff81022847ce80 id
>> ffff81023eb82a00
>> iser: iscsi_iser_ep_disconnect:ib conn ffff81022847ce80 state 4
>> iser: iser_free_ib_conn_res:freeing conn ffff81022847ce80 cma_id
>> ffff81023eb82a00 fmr pool ffff81043edf8d40 qp ffff810247154200
>> iser: iser_device_try_release:device ffff81043fee4d40 refcount 1
>> [ snip ]
>> iscsiadm: initiator reported error (5 - encountered iSCSI login  
>> failure)
>> iscsiadm: Could not execute operation on all records. Err 107.
>> Any way to get some more robust information regarding "iSCSI login
>> failure"?
> What are you talking about. You do not have the iser_cmd_handler event
> numbers memorized yet :) Me neither :( It looks like the target
> disconnected and there was some sort of iser connection error because
> the ib_conn state is ISER_CONN_DOWN. The iser guys can diagnose it
> better for whatever kernel you are using.

Oh, OK.  This is very helpful.  I'll explore from this side (I was  
thinking it had to do w/ some iSCSI parameter, but maybe I'm just  
blowing up the RC channel for no good reason).


>> Thanks
>> /jb
> >

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