On Mon, Dec 08, 2008 at 12:45:11PM -0800, Kmec wrote:
> >
> > > IIRC IOmeter for Linux had some issues.. related to queue depth maybe? So
> > > you should use other tools than IOmeter on Linux. Dunno if that problem is
> > > already fixed or if there is a patch available for IOmeter for Linux..
> >
> > Oh, and please try using 'noop' elevator/scheduler on your iSCSI disks..
> > that might help with the performance.
> >
> noop scheduler didn't help at all :-(
> What is curious that we can't get more than 62 MBps from single NIC :-
> (

Earlier you said you got 90 MBps from a single NIC.. 

How did you measure this? Please paste the commands used.. 

Did you verify both the paths are connected to different interface on EQL
array? You can check this with "iscsiadm -m session -P3"

Another question: Which MPIO load balance policy did you use in Windows?
(round-robin, weighted path, least queue depth?)

-- Pasi

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