Mike Christie wrote:
> Not with just the above info. I t could be happening for a variety of 
> reasons.
> It looks like the target is either disconnecting us (this is why I was 
> looking for a TCP_CLOSE in the debug output) because we goofed on some 
> iscsi protocol issue but normally I would have thought the target would 
> log some message.
> Or for some reason the network is just getting disconnected or hitting 
> some problem and it is throwing an error when we try to send a packet. 
> For this with the newer code in that tarball we would throw a new error 
> code and so the "iscsi: detected conn error" output would have a 
> different value than 1011.

Ok - I'm running a few of my VMs, and setup some simple monitoring to
let me know if an error gets logged. I'll get back to the list if/when I
find anything.

- Evan

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