Andreas Bergstrøm wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am trying to get iSCSI offloading working on a Dell PowerEdge R805  
> with a Broadcom network card. I have managed to get bnx2i working, but  
> not together with open-iscsi, as the version packaged with Ubuntu 8.04  
> server is too old.
> Has anyone else gotten bnx2i and open-iscsi to work along? I tried  
> converting the .rpm Dell provides for this card, but as the kernel is  
> 2.6.24, building fails for open-iscsi (bnx2 and bnx2i works fine:
>   No rule to make target `linux_2_6_24', needed by `kernel_check'.  Stop
> I see that the latest has bnx2i support defined, but I can't seem to  
> get the bnx2i driver to linkup with the changes from Ubuntu 8.04s  
> linux kernel headers.

Did you get some drivers and userspace tools from Dell? Were the tools 
open-iscsi based?

bnx2i is not in the upstream kernel so the support in the distro tools 
and tools may not be complete. bnx2i is changing its 
driver and firmware so the tools support is on hold until broadcom is 
done with those changes.

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