I got a kernel oops while logging in from v870-1 to an iSCSI-SCST
target. it happens before 'iscsiadm -m node -L all' returns. Is this a
known bug? Here's the log:

Dec 17 19:56:21 Unable to handle kernel paging request
Dec 17 19:56:26  at 0000000000001fd8 RIP:
Dec 17 19:56:31  [<ffffffff883d759b>]
Dec 17 19:56:36 PGD 406b54067
Dec 17 19:56:41 PUD 409354067
Dec 17 19:56:46 PMD 0
Dec 17 19:56:51
Dec 17 19:56:56 Oops: 0000 [1]
Dec 17 19:57:01 SMP
Dec 17 19:57:06
Dec 17 19:57:11 last sysfs file: /block/sdc/removable
Dec 17 19:57:16 CPU 0

I will try to add more debug prints tomorrow, and see if I can give
more details.


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