On 17. des.. 2008, at 18:06, Mike Christie wrote:
> Did you get some drivers and userspace tools from Dell? Were the tools
> open-iscsi based?

Yes, I should perhaps have linked this:


In my earlier e-mail, sorry about that.

The open-iscsi package patched to ensure bnx2i support with open-iscsi  
appears to be a patched version of
open-iscsi-2.0-865, but building of it fails due to:

> No rule to make target `linux_2_6_24', needed by `kernel_check'.  Stop

And yes, I am using a 2.6.24 kernel, and looking at the mailing list  
archives, there was a problem with earlier iSCSI revisions and that  
kernel if I understood correctly?

(And I was hoping to void using a non-distry kernel, for easier  
maintenance, especially as the box will be a xen virtualisation server.)

(On the bright side, IO throughput with pure sofware open-iscsi is a  
lot higher than our older SCSI AtaBoy II boxes could deliver :))

> bnx2i is not in the upstream kernel so the support in the distro tools
> and open-iscsi.org tools may not be complete. bnx2i is changing its
> driver and firmware so the tools support is on hold until broadcom is
> done with those changes.

I see. I'll try contacting Dell and see if they have some updated  
drivers for Broadcom iSCSI support, otherwise I guess I should just  
wait until broadcom finishes their changes?


Andreas Bergstrøm
Østfold University College
Dept. of Computer Sciences
Tel: +47 69 21 53 71

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