Mike Christie, on 12/17/2008 11:31 PM wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> Erez Zilber wrote:
>>> Mike,
>>> I got a kernel oops while logging in from v870-1 to an iSCSI-SCST
>>> target. it happens before 'iscsiadm -m node -L all' returns. Is this a
>>> known bug? Here's the log:
>> I think this is a new bug. I will give scst a try and try to replicate.
> I am trying to setup scst but got hung up.

What was hung up? Target? It shouldn't be so. Can you provide the details?

> Do I just need to fill out 
> /etc/scst.conf then start up the initd.redhat script or do I also need 
> to write some stuff to /proc/scsi_tgt?

Together with /etc/scst.conf you need to define targets in 

> > 

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