I am using the isns server of OpenSolaris and version 2.0-870 of open-
iscsi on Fedora 9.
Unfortunately, the isns server refuses the registration of open-iscsi.

The response of OpenSolaris iSNS is ErrorCode: Invalid Registration

The isns payload sent by Fedora 9 is:

iSCSI Name: iqn.1994-05.com.fedora:56a2fe6ddc
Entity Identifier:
Attribute Tag: Delimiter (0)
Attribute Lenght: 0
Entity Identifier:
Portal IP Address: ::ffff: (::ffff:
Portal Port: 34666
ESI Port: 46481
iSCSI Name: iqn.1994-05.com.fedora:56a2fe6ddc
iSCSI Node Type: 0x00000002 Initiator
iSCSI Alias: Fedoar 9 open-iscsi initiator

Two things are looking odd: the iSCSI Name is sent twice, and the
Entity Identifier is sent twice.

Weirdly enough I noticed that open-iscsi on Fedora 10 works fine.

Has anything changed in the code between F9 and F10?

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