Mike Christie wrote:
> Evan Broder wrote:
>> Evan Broder wrote:
>>> Just got another round of failures with the new debugging patch in.
>>> Traffic dump at
>>> <http://web.mit.edu/broder/Public/iscsi/iscsi_traffic-2008-12-20-22-00.pcap.bz2>,
>>> syslog (including the kernel log) at
>>> <http://web.mit.edu/broder/Public/iscsi/syslog-2008-12-20-22-00.bz2>
>>> - Evan
>> I hate to press the issue, but has anyone had a chance to look at these?
> I have been out since the 17th and will be back on the 5th. I will check 
> them out when I am back. Sorry for the delay.

I am looking at the updated logs and pcap now. I should have something 
to report later today.

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