I'm using iscsi-initiator-utils- RPM on Fedora 9
and something strange is happening.

I can connect to my iscsi device without problems but then when I try
to do:

/sbin/iscsiadm -m session

... I get the following output...

iscsiadm: Could not get host for sid 1.
iscsiadm: could not get host_no for session 6.
iscsiadm: could not find session info for session1
iscsiadm: Can not get list of active sessions (6)

I'm new to iscsi so not really sure where to start investigating. I
can sometimes get the session command to work if I do a "-o delete"
command on the target, then reboot. But if I reconnect, the problem
returns. I'm using kernel

Any ideas?

Thanks, Chris.
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