On Jan 12, 3:45 pm, Mike Christie <micha...@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
> The newer kernel in there changes some sysfs stuff. You need to upgrade
> tools. If you do
> yum update iscsi-initiator-utils
> you should see a new package available. You should say yes to install
> the new rpm. Then restart the box.

I just accidentally posted a reply with my other google account so
it's been held for moderation - apologies if it appears twice.

My situation is a little complicated because I'm running a custom
kernel and can't easily change it. When I try to use yum to get the
utils, it always takes the latest one - same as I'm using already. Do
you know of anywhere that lists compatibility between different
versions of the kernel and iscsi utils? Maybe I can find the
appropriate rpm and use that one.

Many thanks for your help so far,

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