Hey Guys,

I'm new to iSCSI so I apologize if this has been covered. My
background has been primarily FC Storage dealing with Unix Host's, FC
HBA's, FC Switch's and Large Monolithic arrays. Anyway, part of the FC
Storage world that I've come to depend on is LUN binding on the host.
Meaning that /dev/ path entries correlate to the same backend LUNS all
the time. Adding/Removing LUNS, rebooting will not effect the /dev/
path -> LUN host mapping.

Can this be done using open-iscsi in Linux?

/dev/sdc1 -> iqn.XXXX :LUN00 > Host Mount /ora0
/dev/sdd1 -> iqn.XXXX :LUN01 > Host Mount /ora1


Thanks for any info. Cheers, Peter

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