> Hi all,
> I am asking very basic,simple question here.I am using "iscsi-
> initiator-utils-".
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p ip:port
> It says that "ip:port" should be specified.It worked with 'machine
> name' stead of 'ip' also.

This works in discovery, but....

> iscsiadm -m node -T targetname -p ip:port --login
> But login command didn't work with replacing 'ip' by 'machine name'.

does not work here because it is not implemented yet. You have to 
actually pass the login command whatever the target gave us in 
sendtargets discovery. So if it gave us a machine name you can use it. 
If it gave us a ip then you have to use it.

Do not ask when it will be fixed. It is on the TODO, but I do not have 
much time right now.

> What should I do? is it way to login by 'machine name'.otherwise I
> will have to disallow discovery using 'machine name'.
> > 

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