On 15 Jan 2009 at 7:59, phub03 wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> I'm new to iSCSI so I apologize if this has been covered. My
> background has been primarily FC Storage dealing with Unix Host's, FC
> HBA's, FC Switch's and Large Monolithic arrays. Anyway, part of the FC
> Storage world that I've come to depend on is LUN binding on the host.
> Meaning that /dev/ path entries correlate to the same backend LUNS all
> the time. Adding/Removing LUNS, rebooting will not effect the /dev/
> path -> LUN host mapping.

That's generally not true: System s like HP-UX have persistent I/O-path to 
name mappings (/etc/ioconfig, etc.), but systems like Linux recreate the 
every boot or every module load. If you use non-continuous LUNs and then 
the SCSI module, the device names after a filled gap will change. Same for FC 

> Can this be done using open-iscsi in Linux?
> /dev/sdc1 -> iqn.XXXX :LUN00 > Host Mount /ora0
> /dev/sdd1 -> iqn.XXXX :LUN01 > Host Mount /ora1

Someone more competent than I will answer, I'm sure.


> etc.
> Thanks for any info. Cheers, Peter
> > 

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