Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi All,
> The API currently offers pretty minimal functionality (just what we need in 
> anaconda) I'm fine with extending this (patches welcome). But currently I 
> would 
> like to focus on the set of functionality as the current API offers and try 
> to 
> get that right. Most important here is to have a clean, clear and usable API 
> which is also future proof, as I want to freeze the ABI of the available 
> functions asap. WRT this I would especially like feedback on the futrue 
> proofness of the libiscsi_node struct.

First of all Thank you very much for doing this. I'm sure it will prove
very useful in the future, the issue has been raised in the passed, multiple

I can see that you have not attempted to refactor iscsiadm so to use the 
Which means you will be shipping the same exact code twice. Is your long term
plan to do that once libiscsi is mature enough, or you would rather keep these
two separate and duplicated?

Regarding the API:
- The overall state and division of labor looks very nice. :-)

- libiscsi_discover_sendtargets - maybe (very maybe) the "int port" could be 
dropped and
                                  "const char *address" could be of the form 
                                  Regarding defaults and all that.

- libiscsi_discover_isns - Looks like it is missing the actual input parameters 
                           a "char *iqn" I think?

- libiscsi_discover_firmware - What is that for? Also missing an input 

- I can't help noticing the missing of query functions, Both query of DB of 
  Nodes, as well as info of logged-in nodes.

- libiscsi_node_set_parameter - Question: (Sorry have not read the code) Is 
that persistent,
                                gets saved in DB. Or is just for current 

> Thanks & Regards,
> Hans


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