> This is related to my this post.
> http://groups.google.com/group/open-iscsi/browse_thread/thread/40166b414bbda322/66ff12bbb
> I want to confirm my observations.If I am wrong,forgive me.
> Can I delete "nodes" and "sendtargets" once the discovery and login
> are done with 'target' from 'targetmachine1'?
> I am asking this for 'loginall' option. Suppose I want to login to all
> targets from ip say discovery and login is done
> with previous machine,I wish to delete entries from
> "nodes" and "sendtargets".then I will discover where I
> may select 'loginall' option.At this time if I kept 30.52's entries
> still here,targets from it also get logged in which is not desired.
> Means after login to targets from 30.52,are these entries required at
> any instance?Then I cannot delete them.

You cannot delete the dirs if you are logged in to them. If you use 
iscsiadm to delete the dirs (like doing iscsiadm -m node -T your_target 
-o delete), then in the current version it should check this for you and 
not let you do it.

If you logged in and then logged out, then you can delete the dirs. 
Again iscsiadm checks this for you.

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