Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hello,
> this is a quote from "HP StorageWorks EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option 7.1 
> release 
> notes":
> mpx100 and CHAP security with Linux not supported
> The CHAP setup with the Linux iSCSI initiator 3.6.3 is not supported with the 
> mpx100. The Linux iSCSI driver omits CHAP security negotiations at login.

I think this is referring to a old initiator (linux-iscsi based), 
because that 3.6.3 is a old linux-iscsi version.

I talked to some HP engineer when this issue came up the other month and 
they said it works fine with open-iscsi.

Could you describe again what is going wrong?

Does discovery work with CHAP? Does CHAP work with normal sessions? What 
error are you getting? Are you setting the


and the


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