Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hi,
> there are "Initiator Session IDs" (ISID) and "Target Session IDs" (TSID) in 
> the 
> iSCSI specification. "iscsiadm -m session -i" (from SLES10 SP1) displays:
> "Session (sid 6)": is that the ISID?

No. It is just the kernel's identifier for the session.

> "Host Number: 9 ": is that the TSID?

No. It is the kernel's identifier for the host that the session is on.

> If both is true, I'd suggest to adjust the wording to be closer to the 
> specification.
> If I'm wrong, can I display TSIDs and ISIDs?

No. It is not currently displayed. I can add it.

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